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The country's oldest hotel in the Castle District, only a few minutes from downtown


Est.1696 with love and care


Pest-Buda is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

hotel in buda's most beautiful part: Pest-Buda hotel

Although there is a wide range of Buda Hotels, we all strive to find an accommodation that meets all of our needs. the hotel is situated In a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, in the most beautiful part of Buda, near the first tourist attractions of Budapest, in the Buda Castle. If it is important for you to get quickly into the city...

Hotel in the Buda Hill - Pest-Buda Hotel

Are you looking for a hotel in Budapest in the Buda Castle Hill? The Pest-Buda hotel is waiting for the guests with high standards since 1696. The hotel is located in the heart of Budapest form where you can get easitly to the city centre - only a few minutes of walk, public transport or taxi.

Hotel near Buda Castle - Pest-Buda Hotel

Whether you arrive from abroad or from hungary to budapest, one of the most beautiful destination is surely the Buda Castle Hill, which is a must see. it is perfect not only as a sight but also as the venue of your accomodation! Get to know the Pest-Buda hotel which is the most beautiful hotel near Buda Castle!

Booking Budapest - book a room online on the best price!

Nowadays it is easier for tourists and businessmen to book accommodation in Budapest. There are plenty of options to choose from on the web, thousands of hotels are waiting for the visitors in the capital. Who chooses the Pest-Buda Hotel in the Fortuna Street in the historical Castle Hill can enjoy an unforgettable experience so that...

Luxury Budapest accomodation - Pest-Buda Hotel

If you are looking for the best accomodation in Budapest, the Pest-Buda Hotel, built in the late 17th century, and has been refurbished a few years ago meets all your expectations in the Buda Castle hill. In the historical environment you will find luxurious comfort, unique solutions and exceptional service from the staff. If you are...

Budapest luxury hotels - The Pest-Buda's luxury suites are only waiting for you!

Is it important for you during your trip in what kind of hotel you stay? Would you like to find a reliable and quality hotel? would you like to have some special experience? Then Budapest luxury hotels are what you need. Why is a hotel considered as a luxury hotel? Come with us and get to know us!

Top hotel in Budapest - Pest-Buda Hotel in the Buda Castle

Whether you arrive from abroad or from Hungary, surely you would like to stay in a comfortable and demanding accomodation. a top hotel in budapest satisfies your unique needs regarding the charming atmosphere of the room, the tastes offered by the hotel, or the environment of the hotel. With us, in Pest-Buda you can easily relax the...

Hotel a few minutes from downtown Budapest

Our boutique hotel is a real gem in the heart of the Castle District. We would love to welcome our dear guests in our 10-room boutique hotel with its fascinating environment only a few minutes from downtown budapest.  




“Pest-Buda is a gem in the heart of the Castle District. Staying there is like being in a magical time capsule. The moment you step outside you find yourself within hundreds of year old buildings and it is just beautiful and precious. The hotel is romantic and cute. It has the best balance of old world romance and modern comfort…”


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With a pleasant walk, you are welcome to enjoy charming historical streets of the Buda Castle and panoramic view of the Danube in a relaxed area surrounded by protected landmark buildings and famous monuments of the Royal Palace and the Mathias Church.


Gastronomy and hospitality is our passion! Pursuit of excellence with quality products prepared through the most advanced culinary techniques as a restaurateur Family we opened several restaurants offering delicious traditional or Italian, fine or bistro style food in a glam atmosphere turning the historical neighbourhood of our luxury hotels into a gourmet hub.


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The building dates back to 1696, when it was the first hotel in Hungary and its baroque roof survives. It served as an inn, tavern and restaurant which remained opened for several centuries. To maintain its heritage, the original baroque roof has been preserved. You wouldn’t know a luxury hotel was hiding behind these historical walls.


Explore four seasons in Budapest


Climate in Budapest has shifted to humid subtropical and it has as much summer sunshine as many Mediterranean resorts.

In spring (March and April) the temperature starts to rise markedly in April, sudden heavy showers also occur, particularly in May and June. Budapest's summer, lasting from June until September, is the warmest time of year. Autumn in Budapest (mid-September until late October) is characterized by less rain than in summer and long sunny days. Winter (December until early March) is by far the coldest time of year when the weather is variable and unpredictable.

Pest-Buda Hotel – akciós szobafoglalás


Pest-Buda Hotel – akciós szobafoglalás

Pest-Buda - design boutique hotel & bistro

Bistro & terrace +36 1 225 0377 | Hotel +36 1 800 9213

e-mail: hello@pest-buda.com

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