Restaurant at the Castle District? Pest-Buda Bistro & Hotel is in the most beautiful part in Budapest, where Hungarian food and Grandma's Kitchen is offered to it's dear guests at the Buda Castle

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Hungarian restaurant in Budapest

Who would not remember the wonderful meals at grandma's place? Meals that we love the most, such us "túrós csusza" or catfish soup or the amazing stuffed cabbage? How many time did you have a refill? For those who love the nostalgic atmosphere, and Hungarian cuisine. Why not have a nostalgic time eating out at a...

Restaurant Downtown Budapest

Our beautiful capital, Budapest offers numerous restaurants to its visitors, to all kind of tastes so everyone can find what they like the best. Let it be a street food restaurant, Hunarian cuisine or fine dining, in Budapest there are great food options for all types. Downtown Budapest is one of the hotspots for delicious food, with so...

The spectacular, one of a kind venue of the Buda Castle is only a few minutes from downtown Budapest. It attracts both locals and tourists with its world famous sites and vivid streets and as it offers an all day long program, it is just obvious to be hungry during. Why not make our meals a special occasion? Let us introduce our restaurant in the Buda Castle, where you can drop by 24/7.


Hungarian restaurant in the Buda Castle... just like in Grandma's Kitchen


"Simple Hungarian dishes with all our hearts..."- This is Pest-Buda Bistro, one of the oldest restaurant in the Buda Castle. But what exactly does our motto means?

We strive to prepare all our meals with fresh, high-quality ingredients day after day in our restaurant. We worked hard for months with our chef Litauszki Zsolt to create several Hungarian recipes into a new shape, as well as innovate the best craft-made "kenyérlángos" in town.

Under the supervision of Lajos Lutz, our lunch, dinner and breakfast follow the same guideline. Several breakfast options in our menu include our favourites from childhood memories that remind us of Grandma's cuisine with a modern and clean twist as well as with the best ingredients.


Restaurant in the Castle District, where besides Hungarian meals, we offer Hungarian wines as well

We offer only Hungarian, typical great wines. We prefer those rare types, that cannot be found elsewhere. Our wine menu is constantly changing, progressing with several limited editions only for Zsidai Group that you can find in our restaurant in the Castle District.

We aim to serve all kind of tastes concerning our wine list, thus those who visit us in the Castle District will have the chance to taste wines from different wine regions of Hungary, such as from Balaton-felvidél, Dél-Balaton, Eger, Mátra, Sopron, Szekszárd, Villány, Somló, Tokaj, Muzsla or Pannonhalma.


An inn before, now a restaurant in the Buda Castle - the history of the Pest-Buda Bistro

We are proud to be the owner of one of the oldest inn in the Castle District in Budapest. As it is, Pest-Buda Hotel & Bistro, with a different name, used to be an inn in the 19th century. It had a pub downstairs, as it was normal at the time, and 3 guest rooms at each floor. Pest-Buda Inn was a 2 storey building with medieval baroque styling, possessed by great men at the time, such as Nöpauer Máté "church architect/builder, an artisan" whose name is linked t the St Anna Church as well as the St Flórián Chapel, or by Waggenhoffer Ferenc and Schmögler Ferenc.

In its early years, it operated as a pub, our beloved bistro in the Castle District but was already an elegant restaurant in the 60s.


Our restaurant in the Buda Castle - new area thanks to the Zsidai family

With all these years passing by, the famous bistro lost all its fame, but with the Zsidai family, it has been since reborn, and the restaurant now shines as bright as it has never shined befor0e. After the specific careful planning, the inn-bistro style stayed but came back with a more glamorous atmosphere as a restaurant in the Buda Castle. The traditional recipes preserved the previous century's values but received a hint of a modern twist.

We do not over think our dishes, we found the perfect doses of ingredients and as a result, we got the greatest balance. We strive to purchase our ingredients from the most reliable suppliers, to provide the high quality we are aiming for. 


Boutique hotel and a Hungarian restaurant in the Buda Castle: not only we offer food, but accommodation too.

Under the operation of the Zsidai family, Pest-Buda turned out to be its best self, as it preserved its structure but got a brand new facial. The restaurant is open to anyone, 24/7 and over the bistro, there is a boutique hotel what is real treasure mostly to the tourists visiting Hungary.

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