Event venue in Budapest - Pest-Buda restaurant is an excellent choice for small events

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Business breakfast in Budapest

It is getting more and more popular to have morning meetings and business breakfast in nice venues in Budapest. Buda Castle is a beautiful and happy site for these meetings to enroll well for us and for our partners as well.   Business breakfast in Budapest - Start your morning happy in Pest-Buda Shine bright in the morning...

Wine tasting in Budapest

Organise a private wine dinner or a smaller wine tasting to your friends or colleagues. Lajos Lutz, chef and sommelier will create the special combination of food and wine: the Hungarian meals and wines, prepared in the chef's kitchen never disappoint our guests. The restaurants have a side hall that can be separated to host a maximum...

Birthday dinner in Budapest

Our restaurant offers for birthday lunches and dinners traditional Hungarian meals, flavours just like in grandma's kitchen. In case of organised celebration, surprise party or larger reservations, our colleagues will create a personalised menu accompanied by great wines. Do not worry about the cake either, choose your fabulous cake...

Wedding restaurant in Budapest

We organise small family wedding lunches or dinners, providing delicious Hungarian meals and wines. As an event venue, we can seat 55 guests, including 26 in the side hall what is possible to rent alone. If you are planning a smaller wedding lunch, dinner or a wedding reception, like Hungarian flavours, traditional Hungarian dishes all...

Sunday lunch in Budapest

For us Hungarians, the most important meal of the week is the Sunday lunch. If you are tired of the regular Sunday Brunches, there is no doubt that our signature Hungarian meals, grandma's favourites will impress you. Under the supervision of Lajos Lutz, we have classical items on our menu, such as "chicken soup, stuffed paprika,...

Family gathering in Budapest

Family reunion in Budapest? If you would like to celebrate with your loved ones in a truly homely atmosphere, then choose the Pest-Buda Restaurant in the Buda Castle as the venue for the gathering!

Business dinner in Budapest

For cmpany events, such as company christmas, business dinners or motivational team-building dinners we know the perfect venue: in our restaurant, there are 2 halls, including a side hall that can be rented alone, fitting 26 guests. From spring to fall, on Hess András square, our terrace can welcome 55 guests every day, from mornings to...

Event venue in Budapest? The Pest-Buda Restaurant is the ideal choice!


Are you looking for a venue for your event? Whether for business or private events, the Pest-Buda Restaurant is an excellent venue for a small event. Find out the amenities of our restaurant and ask for a personalized offer! Amazing event venue in Budapest, this is Pest-Buda Restaurant!


The Pest-Buda event venue in Budapest is waiting for you, only a few minutes from the city center: a peaceful environment in the heart of the Buda Castle


The cornerstone during the organisation of an event is the selection of the venue. If the event is organised in a remote location, many people may have a difficulty in accessing the event. If the event venue is located in Budapest, only a few minutes drive from the downtown, it will be a positive decision for each guest.

For the glamorous view and mood of the Buda Castle it is worth to make a short break! It is easy to reach our restaurant, the Pest-Buda Restaurant in Fortuna Street, with its quiet environment, it is a great event venue in Budapest if you prefer the cozy places.


Special event venue in Budapest for special events


The Pest-Buda Restaurant is an event venue in Budapest, located in the beautiful Buda Castle, just a few meters away of one of the most beautiful buildings in Hungary - the Matthias Church!


The glorious residence of former Hungarian kings is now well-known as the palace of culture, as the Castle Theater,  the Castle Museum,  the Hungarian National Gallery, and the National Széchényi Library close to the former Corvina library, are located here.


Would you like to have such a special place for your birthday, informal or business event? Then the Pest-Buda event venue in Budapest is waiting for you, only a few minutes away from the city center!


Just a few minutes away from downtown, the Pest-Buda Restaurant is a great choice for these events, as in addition to the glamorous historical environment, our homely restaurant serves delicious Hungarian dishes!


Event venue in Budapest - choose from the great selection of well-known dishes from the grandmother's kitchen and accompany them with selected Hungarian wines!


The Pest-Buda Restaurant is a place where you can taste the traditional flavors of our grandmother's kitchen, which are well-known from our childhood.

The name of our Chef Lajos Lutz is the guarantee for the quality of the dishes made from selected ingredients. The Chef's compilation includes dishes such as home made pasta with bacon and cottage cheese, Hungarian stuffed cabbage with sour cream, or one of our great favorites, the Hungarian nut pastry.  As an accompany for the delicious snacks, we offer high quality Hungarian wines, in which our sommelier will help your choice.

The Pest-Buda Restaurant is the ideal venue for events in Budapest if you prefer the traditional flavors.


Event venue with accommodation in Budapest


Would you sleep at the end of the event? Then choose a venue in Budapest where you can stay close to your accommodation! You only have to take a few steps from our restaurant to have the dreams of dreaming. The Pest-Buda Hotel Suites are situated above the restaurant and offer you an unparalleled comfort!


Whether you arrive with your family or with your business partners, everyone can find the ideal room in our hotel. The unique design boutique hotel is a real jewelry box of the Buda Castle with its rustic oak wall covering, limestone bathroom walls and paintings of contemporary artists on the walls!


Why is an excellent event venue the Pest-Buda in Budapest?


Located in one of the most beautiful locations of the country, this bistro and hotel offers you majestic meals and an accomodition in an impressive setting. Furthermore, this is an event venue in Budapest, which takes into consideration your special needs in order to be satisfied at the end of the event!

If, on the basis of your reading, you think that Pest-Buda in the beautiful Buda Castle is the ideal event venue for you in Budapest, please contact us and ask for a personalized offer by clicking on the button below!