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Family gathering in Budapest

Family gathering in Budapest - Hungarian restaurant in Buda Castle

Family reunion in Budapest? If you would like to celebrate with your loved ones in a truly homely atmosphere, then choose the Pest-Buda Restaurant in the Buda Castle as the venue for the gathering!

Family gathering in Budapest in the Buda Castle - Easy access, intimate atmoshpere


Nowadays, we can choose from a number of places that will make the family reunion even more special in Budapest, but if there are so many possibilities, why not celebrate in the Buda Castle which is part of the World Heritage List?


The Pest-Buda Restaurant, located in the Buda Castle, is also an excellent venue for events such as a family reunion in Budapest, just a few minutes away from the downtown. Thanks to this few minutes of detour, we can leave behind the overcrowded streets and the big rush. The mood of cobbled streets and imposing houses enchants the visitors.


Family gathering in Budapest, in Pest-Buda Restaurant. Our discreet, relaxed restaurant is waiting for you with home-made Hungarian flavors!


Family reunion in Budapest, just like in grandmother's kitchen! The Pest-Buda Restaurant is the perfect event venue for gathering the family. A family reunion in Budapest requires a place where we can have intimate conversations, as when the big family gather, we are happy to listen to the experiences of our relatives. For such conversations, there is a need for tranquility where we  can hear each other's voice. The family reunion in Budapest, the Pest-Buda Restaurant is great place for discreet celebrations. Birthday, nameday, anniversary or graduation? You will surely hear each other's voice, the time spent in our restaurant will be a truly memorable experience!


Family gathering in Budapest with individual needs - Pest-Buda Restaurant is your best partner!


If the family gathering in Budapest takes place in Pest-Buda, we will be happy to meet your requests. Whether you are looking for a cake or unique tools, we are prepared to make sure that the family reunion in Budapest will be memorable, but not only of the glamorous location. Chef Lajos Lutz compose the menu in collaboration with the sommelier, taking into consideration all the special wishes. From our confectionery you can order a cake to the restaurant, in sugar-, gluten- and lactose-free versions.


Family gathering in Budapest - delicious food straight from grandmother's kitchen, with tasty Hungarian wines


Regarding to our restaurant's offer, our fresh Hungarian cuisine is guaranteed to be a pleasure for the family members and guests alike. The menu includes both light dishes and Hungarian classics, so each member of the family can choose the most attractive dishes for himself. The wine list of Hungarian wines contains a number of items that can only be tasted in Pest-Buda, and these wine specialities are a pleasant accompaniment to meaningful conversations.


If you would like to have a family reunion in Budapest at the Buda Castle, please contact us by clicking on the button below!


Wedding restaurant in Budapest

We organise small family wedding lunches or dinners, providing delicious Hungarian meals and wines. As an event venue, we can seat 55 guests, including 26 in the side hall what is possible to rent alone. If you are planning a smaller wedding lunch, dinner or a wedding reception, like Hungarian flavours, traditional Hungarian dishes all...

Sunday lunch in Budapest

For us Hungarians, the most important meal of the week is the Sunday lunch. If you are tired of the regular Sunday Brunches, there is no doubt that our signature Hungarian meals, grandma's favourites will impress you. Under the supervision of Lajos Lutz, we have classical items on our menu, such as "chicken soup, stuffed paprika,...

Family gathering in Budapest

Family reunion in Budapest? If you would like to celebrate with your loved ones in a truly homely atmosphere, then choose the Pest-Buda Restaurant in the Buda Castle as the venue for the gathering!

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